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Fire effects are not only extremely spectacular, they can also be used in a wide range of events and together with many other effects! A corporate event in need of spectacular opening, an action-packed movie that requires an explosion or an outdoor concert will stay with the audience for years to come, fire effects are the way to go.

  • flame jets

  • explosions

  • still flames

  • fake flames



CO2 effects are a must for every event. Whether you are organising a concert, show or the spectacular opening of a business, these huge columns of white smoke and typical hissing sound will certainly attract everybody's attention.

  • CO2 jets

  • CO2 guns



Nothing is more festive than fireworks. We have an extensive selection and will help you find the best fireworks for your event to create the atmosphere you want.

  • indoor pyrotechnics

  • outdoor fireworks



The use of fog can be found throughout motion picture and TV productions, theatre, concerts, at nightclubs and raves, theme parks,... These atmospheric effects are used to make lighting and lighting effects visible, and to create a specific sense of mood or atmosphere.

  • smoke

  • hazer

  • lowfog

  • other specific smoke



For festivals, shows and parties of all sizes, confetti and streamers are an essential part of the atmosphere. We have canons that can shoot metallic or paper confetti and streamers in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes.

  • confetti cannon

  • confetti blower

  • streamer cannon



Meet the Sparkular FX Fountain: a super-safe, plug and play, indoor & outdoor spark machine, now available at FX3.


The Sparkular is fully automated, DMX programmable and doesn’t produce smoke or smell, so it can be the perfect substitute for traditional fireworks. Give it a try at your next event! 



There is something special about a foam party. The music, the people, but also the foam of course. Whether the central effect of an event or in combination with others, our foam effects make your event into a unique happening.

  • foam jets

  • foam machines



We have balloons of all sizes and multiple colours. Whether flying, on a stand, in an installation or dropped onto a party, these will definitely steal the show!

  • LED ballons

  • classic ballons

  • big ballons



Whether used to create a magical atmosphere or to refract your light and laser effects, bubbles are always fun and playful. Surprise and delight your visitors with this original experience!

  • classic bubbles

  • bottom up bubbles



We have snow for every occasion: paper snow for long-term inside decoration, artificial snow blown into the air to make sure each visitor enjoys the pristine christmas scenery and even dry snow! For photoshoots of individual snowy items or to cover vast landscapes, we have the snow for you.

  • foam snow

  • dry snow

  • decorative snow

  • fake ice



Water curtains, water canons, fountains, we have it all. Whether you want to impress visitors entering your event or make your logo appear in a wall of water, we have exactly what you need.

  • waterwall

  • fountain

  • nebulizer



Wind effects are popular for photoshoots, film sets and theatre stages around the world. Whether you want to simulate a gentle breeze of fierce stormy wind, our Wind Machines are the way to go.

  • wind machines

  • wind tubes



FLOGOS - Logos that Fly - represents a unique marketing opportunity for almost every occasion. Whether yours is an outdoor event or an indoor concert, your company's brand can take to the sky in a form that is unique and memorable for your audience!

These helium filled foam shapes can be customised to look like your logo. Quick and easy, but above all, eye-catching.



Smell can make or break an event. Would you prefer a fresh pine, flowers, or fruit scent to entice all visitors, or cover up that dominant smell of smoke? Our scent machine takes care of it all.

We offer various solutions to make sure that bad smells don't interfere with your event. Try one of our many possible fragrances, dispersed throughout the room quickly by our scent machine.